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Does Vitamin D help prevent or treat COVID-19?

Last modified on 6 August 2020

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It is too early to tell whether or not Vitamin D can help treat COVID-19. As of now, Vitamin D has not been tested for its effectiveness in treating COVID-19 patients, so there is no evidence that it can prevent or treat the virus. A recent study looked at data from 20 European countries and noted that in places where more people had cases of Vitamin D deficiency, they also had higher rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths. While this study suggested a possible relationship between lower levels of Vitamin D and poor COVID-19 health outcomes, there is no evidence that Vitamin D levels actually caused more cases or deaths related to COVID-19.

Other studies have noted potential links between low Vitamin D levels and COVID-19, but no consensus has been reached on what the potential impact of the vitamin is on the virus. Researchers are now working on several studies to determine if Vitamin D can be effective in treating COVID-19.

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Context and background

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, which means your body needs it but cannot make it on its own. This is why people have to get their Vitamin D from foods like salmon or egg yolks, supplements, or from spending short amounts of time in the sun. Vitamin D helps ensure your body’s immune system and its cells are working well so they can respond to infections and viruses. In addition to its help in retaining calcium levels in the body and promoting bone health, Vitamin D can also potentially reduce cancer cell growth, help minimize inflammation, and help control infections. However, there is no evidence that Vitamin D can prevent or treat COVID-19, despite its other benefits in the body.


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